Alligator Point Sea Wall

Seawall Construction

At Coastline Clearing & Development, we specialize in top-quality residential and commercial seawall construction. Our capable crew will handle every aspect of the installation from start to finish. We take on seawall construction projects for customers across Franklin, Gulf, Bay and Liberty Counties.

Vinyl & Boulder Rock Seawalls

We offer two types of seawalls: Vinyl and boulder rock. No matter which material you choose, our highly trained staff will carefully construct a durable seawall that’s built to last. Not only will we get the job done quickly and efficiently—but we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the final product.

Why a Seawall?

If you own a business or residence on the coast, it’s important to protect your property from the water. Over time, crashing waves can wear away the shoreline and ultimately cause serious damage to your home or business.  Whether you are located on the Gulf, the bay or a river, a seawall can prevent erosion and shield your property from harm.

Ready to get rolling on your clearing or development project?

Whether you need land clearing, general tractor work, grading, debris removal, seawall construction or anything in between, Coastline Clearing & Development has got you covered. Our team will get the job done quickly and efficiently and ensure the entire process runs smoothly without any bumps in the road. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our first-rate work.